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How The Golden Moon Works for Hotels


Travel is changing. Travellers desire more from their time and money and from the way that they search and book accommodation. Online Travel Agents are full of hotels competing against hotels or local hosts competing against local hosts. For hotels, the opportunity to compete with local hosts is limited. Thegoldenmoon.com seeks to be the golden solution, offering a universe of choice, removing boundaries and inspiring freedom for hotels keen to deliver higher occupancy rates.

The Golden Moon offers a universe of accommodation; hotels with capacity can finally compete on the same platform as local hosts in order to grab the attention of travellers planning their adventures. We are breaking the boundaries that restrict hotels – allowing equal placement alongside local hosts without the ulterior motive of high commission fees. Our platform is unique and, we believe, 5-Star.

Why Use The Golden Moon

Our platform is seeking to change travel! We are loaded with a new vision, innovation, and opportunities for hotels to take control of acquiring new customers.

A Universe of Choice

The online world has expanded in so many ways; consumers have become more powerful and demand higher standards through the power of their voice. Online platforms have made it easy for anyone to be a host, causing the number of local hosts to almost triple in recent years. The fact remains that the number of guests hasn’t grown at the same rate. Overpopulated platforms have no choice but to spread demand equally among suppliers, or demand higher payments for traffic. Listings, therefore, have a limited exposure to targeted customers and occupancy rates are falling.

The Golden Moon is passionate about bringing choice – not just to guests wishing to fulfil their dreams, but to hotels looking for more fair means to get in front of customers. The launch of THEGOLDENMOON.COM brings to an end the era of a single style of bookings; an end of unfair practices where online platforms can demand unsustainable commissions; an end to decision making benefitting the service provider or the largest source of revenue. The Golden Moon works hard on your behalf make your prospects much brighter.

We Remove The Boundaries

At the heart of our vision is to bring all types of accommodation together which allows hotels to compete fairly with local hosts directly and reach new customers in a developing environment. For guests, we aim to inspire freedom by giving them a universe of choice – access to all types of accommodation from one portal, allowing them to create their own personal wonderland.

The Golden Moon is supporting consumers by making it easier for hotels to get in front of travellers wanting an amazing experience and compete with others fairly. Unlike the online platforms, we have chosen to offer hotels a 0% rate. We charge only a 1.5 – 3% card processing fee. The agreement takes place at the registration date and lasts for 12 months. It is possible to extend the initial term beyond the 12-months referred to in the individual agreement.

Our 5-Star Service offers you value from the start. Our service includes an ID check on guests which includes email and phone verification and their presence across social media. Why? Because we are building a community that shares our vision to travel well, enjoy new adventures and create personal wonderlands.

We Inspire Freedom

The Golden Moon allows you to break free from the heavily monopolised platforms with a lack of flexibility and choice. Our platform allows you to promote your hotels your way, to whom you want. We provide a 5-star service so that you can make your guests feel a 5-Star welcome every time. We believe that a 5-Star ethos delivers satisfied guests, great reviews across social media, better user-generated content, improved credibility for the hotel and, ultimately, a more successful business.

The Golden Moon is designed by hospitality professionals that understand the challenges from personal experience. One of our values is ‘Driven by Customer Needs we work with hoteliers to deliver a better service that reflects and values their needs. This means that when you join The Golden Moon your opinion counts, your voice is heard and decisions are not motivated by financial incentives. We are nurturing a collaborative culture of mutually beneficial relationships that result in fair treatment for all. We believe that this makes everyone happy.


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