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Individual Agreement with Hotels



The use of TheGM platform is FREE OF CHARGE for Hotels. Additionally, the first 1,000 Hotels registered with TheGM will receive an extended free of charge period for 18 months instead of the regular 12-months. This means you will not pay a Service Fee on any booking received on TheGM platform apart from 1,5-3% card/bank payment processing fee for a year and a half.

What you need to do next:

Step 1: Register with TheGM today and complete the information required by the Profile Pages.

Step 2: Register at list ONE of your properties within 10 days of registration.

Step 3: Any other properties registered within 3 months from the date of registering your first property will also be FREE, exempt from paying the Service Fee for an extended period of 18-months.

Step 4: Alternatively, let TheGM’s team do it for you! Make use of TheGM’s FREE “List My Property” Service service and we will create the listings on your behalf.

Be the first to grab the benefits of a newly aroused market!