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Clear Benefits 2: Intangibles


TheGM’s game-changing concepts.

Welcome to the world’s largest pool of hosts so far to enter the short-term rental market. We have 80 short-term accommodation categories rentals presented on a single platform, free to advertise and earn many other benefits. This is not just another replica of existing platforms masking greediness using bold mission statements and corporate vision. This is a quality new product different from the current approaches and aimed at considerably increasing host satisfaction. This business idea will result in a better serving of the end customers- guests, finally benefiting all involved parties. “Freedom-happiness-sense of identity” – this is how we see things and how we will achieve it. 

To thrive, your short-term rental must be sufficiently independent from any form of dependency in its supply chain whatever the actual supply of rental units, providing direct service to the customer, or supply of the end customers to your business. Any form of dependency increases the risk of financial loss or even loss of the whole business in unforeseen circumstances when it becomes unable to perform key tasks independently. High degree of dependency characterising the existing rental markets, considerably limits host’s choice of actions and results in business inflexibility.

This is what the short-term rentals business model looks like now: a rental unit- online booking engine- end customer, making it difficult for hosts to control the external supply of end consumers- guests. While there might be a certain percentage of returning guests loyal to your business, or guests obtained through your own website, most come through advertising on booking platforms. Attempts to change it are most likely to end up failing due to marketing complexity, time, and resource-consuming features. Thus, this dependency grows at a disturbing rate as does the number of instances where such dependency has a strong negative impact on businesses.

Diminishing dependency through spreading your advertising across many booking platforms might be one of the answers. It might considerably add to the sustainability of your rental business. Thus, having a new advertising platform covering all rental categories should reduce the excessive dependency on a single provider. However, the idea of TheGM goes much deeper than a mere in numbers.


Having larger number of guest’s suppliers, especially those emphasising high standards for hosts, will inevitably force other booking platforms to increase the quality of service they offer hosts. In an environment where hosts are treated as an asset, with the decisions made solely on behalf of booking providers where those “decisions are final and will not be reversed “, it acquires a very special value.

Introducing competition between booking platforms and not between the hosts: that is the key notion creating choice and opportunities for rental property owners. Being able to choose between platforms and choosing those with the best conditions created for hosts, forces the booking platforms to compete for you instead of vice versa. This new sort of competition will ensure that owners’ needs are met, and your voice is heard. This in TheGM is what we consider the unique selling point we offer your business.

For too long the travel industry was built around the listings, destination, and booking platforms themselves. The idea was that you, as a host, will have no choice but fit somehow around it. In fact, the idea had been around for so long that it became the norm. What we are doing at Thegoldenmoon.com is a gradual shift towards fuller satisfaction of needs of all involved categories.

What this means in real terms…

TheGM is a company created by hosts. Our efforts as a business are aimed at creating the best possible environment for hosts, giving them more power, ensuring their security, meeting their needs, and ensuring fair treatment. By creating surroundings where the host can thrive, feel secure, protected, with interests met and resolved issues, we are creating for them the best possible environment to allow them to stay fully-focused on serving their end customers – the guests. This is TheGM’s game-changing concept.

We aware, that some of the above will be hard to achieve and others will forever remain a moving target. That is why our next new concept is the TheGM Society- the place where you can be supported by like-minded TheGM members.

Of course, we have to give guests a good trip, easy booking, wide choice; maximise host’s profit and security. But there is something that goes deeper and is more important for us as a society. This is not only about looking at or providing the leisure. This is a sense of identity: awareness of being surrounded by the like-minded who share the same values of decency, morality, and ethics- values of beauty of human relationships, willing to play by the rules, perform at its best and accepting others’ failings. I am certain that we will not be able to change the whole world, but we will attempt to make it slightly better”.

Ruslans Kovalovs, CEO and founder of Thegoldenmoon.com.

Think about What TheGM means for your business

We believe everybody must think about and decide what joining TheGM Society might mean for their rental business. It would be great if you could share your opinion with us others in the Society.

At TheGM, we will completely transform the guest’s online experience by providing a 5-start online service for guests. Any guest who gets in touch with TheGM will be treated as a VIP customer regardless of social status, travel budget or type of accommodation booked. We will break the stereotype of offering varied levels of customer service to different clients. Nothing will prevent our customer services from being extra polite, extra patient, or extra pro-active in terms of guest’s desires.

What this means in real terms…

This has a variety of important implications for both professional and non-professional hosts. For hotels: because the bookings occur in an environment completely separate from the hotel, it makes it impossible for hoteliers to own their guest’s experiences end-to-end. The 5-star service option ensures hotels that even the most exaggerated expectations of their guests will be met. For hosts: it is hard to overestimate the importance of enhanced guest satisfaction transferable into higher profits for your rental, higher ratings on social media, better online user-generated content, higher credibility/favourability of accommodation provider.


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