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Introducing Thegoldenmoon.com

I'm proud to help hosts take their rightful place within the travel industry, receive more bookings independently, run their businesses safely, and have their interests represented strongly. I'm the world’s first professional vacation booking service created by hosts, with many years of experience in the travel industry.

Let me protect your host’s interests.

Real experience of my creators. No-nonsense, aggressive representation of the rights of hosts at the time it is needed. If you are to run your rental business successfully for the long term, you want to advertise with a platform created by experienced professionals who will get you the best possible booking results and represent you strongly if you are in trouble. You need no-nonsense, aggressive representation by YOUR platform.

Your personal booking resource built upon years of trust.

My primary goal, as a booking platform, is to provide each host with the highest amount of bookings and to obtain a fair and equitable service for each host on the platform. These goals will be accomplished through my creator’s diligence and dedicated work within the confines of the holiday booking industry and through a cooperative working relationship between me, my hosts and guests.
My hosts receive the majority of their bookings through my independent booking platform where any issues are resolved through negotiation, mediation, or compromise. I am convinced that any host-guest-platform related matter will be settled in a right and ethical way.

I have the experience and confidence you are looking for.

I work closely with each of my hosts. I don’t use Google analytics to know the host’s problems. I know them from the experiences of people who have created me. I take your problems as my own, pick up my own phone, and I return my own messages and emails. I am easy to talk to, no matter the subject. And I have the experience and confidence you are looking for.

I offer a broad range of features not available elsewhere.



I have 80 short-term accommodation category rentals presented on a single platform, making it the world’s largest pool of hosts so far to enter holiday rental market.



I have created the most secure environment for those letting spare rooms, sharing houses, female hosts, and other non-professional hosts who need it most.



I have creating the best possible environment for hosts, giving them power of creating rules, ensuring their security, meeting their needs, and fair treatment; fully opening their potential in serving guests.



I allow both local hosts and hotels to showcase together openly on one platform without a limitation.



I have transformed the guest’s online experience by providing a 5-start online service for guests regardless of social status, travel budget or type of accommodation booked.



I made a fundamental shift towards more harmonious relations between me, hosts, and guests bringing in the sense of identity, wellness to play by the rules, and perform at its best.

About me and my creators.

I was created since 2016 by a group of hosts from London, UK with the main goal to remove the limitations of current booking platforms, bring in the maximum of accommodation choices, and protect host’s rights strongly and at all times. Rest assured that I adhere to ethical requirements while continuing to provide vital booking service to hosts.
I’ve built a solid reputation on accuracy, customer service and building mutual respect between myself, hosts, and the guests that use me.
“To bring the universe of choice, remove boundaries and inspire freedom”. Become a part of a community that YOU have created.