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Pricing explained for Hosts


Generating higher income with The Golden Moon through the informed choice

Airbnb charges 3.6% incl. VAT. The ID check is carried out, email is verified and phone and presence on social media. However, the competition on the platform is very high making your unbooked days a certainty. Loss of profit due to the highest internal and external competition was the most noticeable disadvantage of the platform last year. The newly announces “Professional Hosts” programme has sparked fears of a new wave of hyper-competition within the platform.

9Flats.com imposes an enormous 15% Service Fee on hosts making it by far the least profitable platform for local hosts. More than this, the platform’s bank will charge you 7 to 9 Euro for every transaction performed on your account. Worst of all, the platform does not even consider these charges as being deserving of a mention. There are no security checks.

Wimdu.com charges the hosts 0% Service Fee. This might make it look the most attractive at first sight. However, it imposes a remarkable 18% service charge on the guest’s side, making the price guests pay much higher, reducing the probability of the booking. More than this, the company does not perform any security check on their guests allowing bookings for anyone having confirmed an email address. This in turn considerably increases the risk of losses in case of an unfortunate mishap. Since September 2018 there has been no business activity on the platform.

Use of the TheGM platform is less expensive, 2.5% plus VAT, than using those of competitors. However, the full extent of benefits is delivered when the price is used in connection with other benefits such as highest security, moderate level of competition, benefits of newly developing market and others. That’s what we call the Smart Choice Program, creating a thin balance between intuitive and informed choice. There is a possibility to extend the initial term beyond the 12-months term based on an individual agreement.




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