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Hotels: TheGM changes the travel landscape – be the first to recognise this amazing opportunity


Product description

TheGoldneMoon.com is one of the largest online travel accommodation booking platforms available that is characterised by incorporating all known types of accommodation under one brand name. This is a brand-new concept, aimed at blurring the boundaries between rating categories and bringing a whole new dimension to the realm of travel accommodation searches.


0% Service Fee (for hotels).


VIP treatment for every hotel listed on the platform.


Predominantly from Germany, France, Northern Italy, and abroad.


TheGM is the first company providing 5-star service online.


A full security check is carried out on every customer with clear guest star rating being provided.

Entertainment Programme

This has been created to provide a ‘personal wonderland’ with surrealistic experiences. It includes informing customers about the country of stay, city, culture, philosophy and local humour.  This is very much aimed at increasing each guest’s levels of satisfaction during their stay.

Product features

  • An all-in-one completely new online market for 80 categories of travel accommodation including Hotels, AirB&Bs, Homestay, Serviced Apartments, Holiday Homes, B&B, Villas, Boats and everything else.
  • TheGM’s goal is to become the largest platform for travel accommodation to be found in one place.
  • It has an estimated 30% market growth.



  • 5-star service is provided to every customer regardless of the type of accommodation being booked, travel budget or their social class. During all interactions with the company, clients will be considered as a VIPs, making TheGM the universal choice for all whilst incorporating 5-star service.


  • Each hotel listed on the platform receives VIP treatment regardless of its star rating or the general quality of service provided. This is done in recognition of the value of being a member of TheGM Society.


  • 55% of guests are from Germany, 25% from France, 10% from Italy and 5% from elsewhere. They are some of the world’s most polite, tidy, and non-problematic guests. 60% of guests are students, planning to spend most of their time out seeing tourist’s attractions. They are educated, sophisticated and with a need for a clean, safe and quiet place to sleep.


  • TheGM is one of few companies performing ID checks on their customers. Each new customer’s ID, phone, email address, and social network presence will be verified together with accessible reviews from previously made reservations. This will result in clear customer star rating, emphasising the fact that TheGM society puts safety before profit.

Entertainment Program

  • Entertainment is about something far deeper and more important than gaining positive feedback from customers who have been left to sample local experiences or find their own source of pleasure. TheGM’s Entertainment Programme goes a step further, taking customer satisfaction to the next level by creating an informative and bespoke personal and surrealistic experience of travelling through a virtual ‘wonderland’. For this reason, TheGM is the place where entertainment meets with accommodation and amazing things happen.


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