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Why Hotels Choose Thegoldenmoon.com

We provide you with the freedom to choose from a vast number of opportunities within a large and emerging industry. We do this by eradicating existing accommodation categories. This enables us to: Provide a platform to compete with the best in what is the largest emerging market of travel accommodation. With an estimated 24% annual growth rate, higher profits are assured. Enable you to reach a wider customer base by enhanced advertising resulting in increased exposure. Provide you with the ability to eliminate the monopoly currently enjoyed by a handful of similar businesses in the field, allowing the customer the luxury of choosing from high standards of accommodation. Compete with Online Travel Agencies directly, saving up to 28% on Commission Fees.

Pricing benefits

Use our platform FREE OF CHARGE.  We charge only a 1.5 – 3% card processing fee. The agreement takes place at the registration date and lasts for 12-18 months individually agreed with the possibility to roll over. This allows:

  • The generation of up to 28% higher profits
  • Greater flexibility with regard to price formation
  • Enhanced price elasticity to allow efficient competition
  • More akin to selling via ‘your own website’, marketing expenses are enhanced
  • Reduce prices without loss of profits, making up for seasonal fluctuations

5-star service benefits

A vast increase in perception of the hotel’s quality. Every customer that books via our system receive 5-star service, resulting in:

  • Higher profits due to enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced accommodation ratings on social media
  • Better user-generated online content
  • Higher favourability and credibility of hotel

Improved host service benefits

“Hosts go first” Policy. We do this by assigning the enormous value to the needs and opinions of hotels listed on our platform in recognition of their importance within TheGM Society. This results in:

  • The forming of a collaborative culture allowing for mutually beneficial relationships
  • Fair treatment for all allowing higher satisfaction for both sides
  • The use of transparency throughout, boosting confidence and ensuring fair treatment

Enhanced client benefits

Harmonious guest/host relationships. By understanding the needs of your guests, we are able to:

  • Ensure a far more predictable environment for business
  • Satisfy guests’ needs more efficiently
  • Build long-term relationships and customer loyalty
  • Eradicate negative incidents

Greater safety benefits

Second, only to satisfaction is the safety of our Hosts. TheGM is one of few that puts safety before profit. This is taken care of in many ways.  Each new customer’s ID, phone, email address, and social networks presence is verified resulting in:

  • The provision of the most secure online environment for your business
  • Reduction in instances of damage and inappropriate behaviour etc.

A great programme of entertainment

TheGM is the place where accommodation meets entertainment  We combine guests’ days out with something meaningful, enabling them to learn more about the environment and forming relationships with nature and people.  By adding humour we turn a simply ‘good’ day into an amazing experience, resulting in:

  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction contributing to a higher evaluation of their stay
  • Improved hotel reviews and favourability

New Traveller Society benefits

TheGM Society creates beauty from within. TheGM’s “Your House-Your Rules” Policy provides members with far more flexibility and control when it comes to setting rules, making decisions and expressing opinions.  This results in:

  • A higher awareness between member as to their rights and obligations
  • A clear understanding of mutual benefits and expectations
  • An informed, educated choice about price/quality relationships
  • Realistic expectations and reviews about the hotels