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Join the Hotel-AirB&B’s R-evolution


If you are reading this, there is a good chance you will be familiar with this kind of statement: “There are a lot of hotels that aren’t right for Airbnb, and probably never will be.” “Focusing on just boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts ensures that the company” – meaning Airbnb of course – “stays true to its vision.”

But on the other hand, this too will ring a bell: “Boutique hotels beware: the hotel industry gets a new frenemy.” That’s Airbnb if you hadn’t already worked that out. “The hotel industry is taking Airbnb as a threat and is prepared to take action against it.” These are bold statements indeed. You’re left under no illusion that, for whatever the reason, hotels and local hosts are to be kept separate at all costs.

The struggle for a slice of the cake

Such commercial posturing is all too common. In the business world, spats are often good natured and humorous, as in the friendly rivalry seen in the ad campaigns of Mercedes and BMW or between Starbucks and McDonalds. But sometimes things escalate, companies desperate to protect market shares and prevent newcomers from muscling in. Protected interests create boundaries, bring back control and assert power over a market. That’s what they’re supposed to do. But why should someone else’s ambition get in the way of the success of your business?

It’s time to move on

However you view Airbnb, it’s a great business. It’s given many people the opportunity to travel more. It’s given others the chance to become entrepreneurs and run their own business. In a way, it’s brought a sense of adventure back to the lettings business and redistributed profits so that the underdog gets a leg up. Airbnb is here to stay. Like it or not, you’re just going to have to deal with it.

The benefits of misfortune

But just because Airbnb is doing well, you shouldn’t allow your own business to become a casualty of someone else’s war. You can’t deny that local hosts would benefit from a wider audience if they were able to gain access to a steady stream of potential hotel guests. Likewise, hotels will be able to reach the previously inaccessible market of local hosts’ custom if they can advertise alongside such providers. In fact, some are already doing just that. Now, with the emergence of Thegoldenmoon.com, both can do so openly without being accused of losing sight of their roots or trying to poach someone else’s customers. Remember, The Golden Moon settings allow hotels, local hosts and all other property owners to showcase their properties on one platform. That’s the beauty of it.

While some create boundaries, others remove them

With eighty property categories within their listings, Thegoldenmoon.com is the largest provider of accommodation categories under one brand name. Managing director Ruslans Kovalovs confirms: “In fact, we include all of them. By creating the best possible environment for hosts to flourish we allow them to concentrate on what’s important – serving the end consumer. Come, bring your best offer, and let your guests decide what they want to book.” He continues: At Thegoldenmoon.com, local hosts are just another category of accommodation provider. Claiming that local hosts present a threat to hotels is about as ridiculous as arguing that caravans rented through the site detract from luxury hotel custom. Do not allow your property or hotel’s potential to be limited by this short-sightedness.”

Right here, right now

It’s important not to forget potential guests don’t take sides. They care little about the vision or ambitions of a hotel or local host, and simply want to find the accommodation that’s right for them. Ruslans continues: With plenty of choice, the type of guest that demands everything right here, right now is already here. Is your business responding to that? I suspect no one in this market expects guests to wait until you make the right decision.

While the big boys fight for their slice of the cake, don’t forget to align yourself so that you get your piece too. There is no good reason why AirB&Bs, hotels, or any other type of property for that matter, shouldn’t be advertising together.

Take advantage of Thegoldnemoon’s Super Offer

Those who are first to recognise an opportunity benefit from a competitive advantage, at least in the short term. The Golden Moon has a very attractive offer for such trailblazers: if you’re one of the first to register on its platform, you’ll pay nothing to use it for five years. Think of the savings you’ll make on the fees you’re paying on existing booking platforms. Will you be one of the lucky ones who grabbed the best seats in the house?







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