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Pricing explained for Hotels


Generating higher income with The Golden Moon through the informed choice

When it comes to looking at THEGOLDENMOON.COM’s closest competitors, they charge terrifically high commission rates: 15-28% Expedia.com, 15-20%  Booking.com. This can leave independent hotel owners who are not attached to a brand in any way struggling to deal with commission rates of as much as 30%. Many hotel operators are left reeling and feeling as if they are being monopolised by the OTAs.

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) dominate the booking of accommodation at the moment, causing hotels to lower their prices and often forming a dependency. Unfortunately, this is compromising the ability of hotels to maintain operations to a certain level. This has now become the standard instead of a rarity.

Also, incredibly worrying is the Best Price Guarantee option. This involves the purchase of a bulk amount of hotel rooms at a high discount, selling them on as ‘lowest price guaranteed’. Not only do hoteliers suffer due to the price reduction but it also reduces the traffic to their website. All in all, this is a double-sided trap.

The majority of these losses have to be absorbed by the owner of the hotel, not the hotel company; they still manage to retain their revenue through the use of ‘royalty fees’ which also have to be paid by the hotelier. The power of the OTAs is frightening, with them being well able to push many hoteliers out of business.  If something does not change soon, independent hotels are going to suffer in a big way.

This is where THEGOLDENMOON.COM can help. Use of the platform is less expensive, 2.5% plus VAT, than using those of competitors. However, the full extent of benefits is delivered when the price is used in connection with other benefits. That’s what we call the Smart Choice Program, creating a thin balance between intuitive and informed choice. There is a possibility to extend the initial term beyond the 12-months term based on an individual agreement.



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