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The story of The Golden Moon


The shared economy is a new phenomenon, resulting from many recent developments in the field of accommodation and travel. However, many projects have been introduced at a too early stage of development and in a quick search for profits.  The end result has been the production of an unpleasant experience for many travellers and hosts, instead of providing something enjoyable and substantial for everybody. With this in mind, we endeavoured to create something which would not only rekindle the beauty of travel but also encourage the passion for travelling far more, resulting in a new kind of trend. This is how TheGoldenMoon.com came to life.

Its philosophy is very much one of travelling due to choice, offering a wealth of features.  It also enables travellers to get more from their experience by taking part in our entertainment programme.  The aim of THEGOLDENMOON.COM is to provide the following benefits to all travellers:


We decided to do away with the boundaries of categories between various types of accommodation, therefore giving clients the freedom to choose between all kinds of properties, discovering gems they were totally oblivious to before. In a nutshell, we make it easy for travellers to explore, review and make the best choice.

Universal choice

By including 80 categories of travel accommodations, we have made THEGOLDENMOON.COM the most versatile website available for choosing properties. We have catered to the diverse needs of travellers by providing the largest possible choice of accommodation with regard to prices, features and types of properties, with the sole aim of enhancing their ability to travel more frequently.

Society of New Travellers

We could not provide the aforementioned freedom and power of choice to potential travellers without encouraging the creation of a new mindset.  We, therefore, took advantage of the beauty of human relations and created a “Society of New Travellers”. The philosophy that forms the basis of this society is that of equality of culture without restrictions on personal freedom and the existence of equal rights and awareness of obligations and responsibilities.  The result is the kind of society where people can flourish together.

5-stars customer service

We also knew that we needed to make additional changes if we wanted The Golden Moon to make real progress. It was decided to go the extra mile by providing 5-star customer service to all members, irrespective of their social status, budgets or type of bookings. In the process of doing so, we got rid of the general idea that 5-star services are only for those with hefty budgets and who belong to certain strata of society.

The Golden Moon Entertainment Programme

Our best-kept secret is our Entertainment Programme.   Many of us are not just looking for pleasure and would love to combine a great day out and a cup of coffee with something meaningful, like the search for a purpose in our lives and learning about our relationship with nature or searching for something deeper and more important to us as a society.  This pushed us to create an entertainment programme that would provide a surrealistic experience and a personal wonderland with a route towards finding love and joy.