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Original ideas become even more beautiful when there is nothing to pay. With TheGM the cost is ALMOST nothing. Use of The Golden Moon platform for ALL host categories is 2,5% plus VAT, lower than any other secure platform. And TheGM doesn’t stop there.

The first 1000 registered hosts in EACH of our 80 categories will pay 0% Service Fee for using the platform. This too will remain unchanged for a fixed FIVE-YEAR period. Act now to gain the most benefits.

What you need to do next:

Step 1: Register with TheGM today and complete all required information on the profile page.

Step 2: Register at least one of your properties within 10 days of registration.

Step 3: Any other properties registered within 1 month from the date of registering your first property will also benefit from a 100% discount on the Service Fee for the 5-year promotional period.

In general terms, TheGM charges Service Fees in exchange for using our online marketplace and platform. In respect of the Host and Guest Fees, taxes such as VAT in Europe may apply in some cases. TheGM will charge  Host Fees (2,5% plus VAT) from the Accommodation Fees before paying the Host the remainder, as set out in the Terms of Service Section 9. Guest Fees (8,34% plus VAT) are also included in the Total Fees. TheGM Super Offer allows hosts to save considerably on Service Fee for a fixed period of 5 years as explained above. The offer began on 17/01/2019 and will continue until the conditions of the offer are met. It is subject to change and may be withdrawn at any point without notice.