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TheGM’s Partnership Program


We are Thegoldenmoon.com, an online platform specializing in booking tourist accommodation. We work in a similar way to the other online websites such as Airbnb.com, Booking.com, and Homeaway.com etc. with the key difference that Thegoldenmoon.com include all types of properties in one place including Airbnbs, Hotels, Holiday Homes, Serviced Apartments, Hostels, Castles and anything else! This results in 80 types of properties brought together on a single platform making it the largest source of accommodation offering a global choice.

Whilst offering this level of choice is one of our main competitive advantages, creating such a large database of hosts can impose considerable challenges. Creating a database on such a large scale is complex as well as time and resource consuming. This is the place where spreading this enormous task among several parties, is in our view, the best strategy, beneficial for all involved partners.

Creating the host base in different countries requires the knowledge of local businesses, cultural differences and often knowledge of political and economic factors. This cannot be performed better than by someone coming from this local environment and who is familiar with the specifics. This knowledge could considerably increase the favourability of the brand locally, ease interactions with local businesses and increase the involvement of clients.

The profits of doing this should be equally divided between both of us based on contribution levels, involvement, initial agreement and some other factors. We believe that sharing the benefits on an equal basis will create a win-win scenario for the long term, rather than ripping anyone off purely for short-term benefits. And this is where the idea of “TheGM’s Partnership Programme” comes from.

With this in mind, we are currently searching for individuals in 152 countries to work with TheGM to create a database of the local hosts in each of the countries. You have to be over 18, have a higher education, be ambitious, prepared to work hard towards the target and be a generally nice person! No other technical skills or specific experience is required. We will provide the knowledge you will need and ensure that you have all of the necessary training and materials right where you are.

If you think this sounds perfect for you, do not delay. Get in touch with us by emailing us on customerservice@thegoldnemoon.com to discuss it in further detail.  It would be great if you could send us your CV with a covering letter explaining why you think TheGM is right for you and how you think our relationship might be mutually beneficial.

TheGM’s doors are wide open for all good natured and bright individuals willing to make this world a happier and better place together!

Waiting to hear from you.

Your Moon Team

London, United Kingdome