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Why should AirB&Bs choose us?

So, how the ideal world of an average short-term rental might look like? Is it like when you have not to pay a service fee? Or having no excessive competition? Or is it more like having all your calendar booked? Being treated with respect by a booking platform? Polite guests? No safety issues? A little entertaining program for your guests at the end to keep them happier?  It would be reasonable to assume that all the factors do contribute into making your business a pleasant and desirable job to do. Unfortunately, paying excessive booking fees, being treated as an asset, constant fear of property damage, unfair treatment and the devastating feeling that you cannot change anything is more like our everyday reality. 24/7. Or at list is was so until now. Wave good bye to the era of monopolism in short-term rentals. The Golden Moon has arrived.

Compete Within a New Market You Could Not Afford Before.


THEGOLDENMOON.COM is the largest online travel accommodation booking platform incorporating 80 types of places to stay.  These are noticeably Hotels and AirB&Bs under one brand name. This is a brand-new concept aimed at blurring the boundaries between accommodation categories.  It brings into play new opportunities of growth for hosts and introduces a new era of travel accommodation searching for guests.

Product value

Having more platforms to advertise your property brings to an end the era of a single service provider, empowering local hosts with choice and possibilities. This is the end of the era of harsh behaviour toward the local host, making decisions solely based upon service provider’s behalf, and length of relationship dictated by a single provider. By introducing more competition between the platforms and not between the local hosts, prospects are much brighter as the service provider works harder to meet the needs of hosts. TheGM considers this as its biggest achievement in its constant search for a more equal society. TheGM is a logical response to market demands.


The Service Fee is 2.5% plus VAT. Not only do you benefit from a great price but this fee is part of the Smart choice programme allowing hosts to generate further profits from combining a number of platform benefits. There is the possibility of a 50% reduction on Service Fee based upon each individual agreement. This is what makes TheGM your winning choice.


The current market for AirB&Bs has become so highly competitive that profitability is being considerably diminished. TheGM allows local hosts to run their accommodation business away from the existing markets, profiting considerably from reduced competition.


This is a platform created for hosts and is the place where the host’s voice is heard, understood, and welcomed. In recognition of their value, each host listed on the platform receives VIP treatment regardless of any star rating, class of service provided or other characteristics. This is done to bolster the value of every member of  TheGM’s Society.


Guests come from Germany, France and Northern Italy and all are well known for their good behaviour. We also get many guests from Canada, USA, Australia, providing a high volume potential.


Our company has revolutionised customer service by providing 5-star service for every member regardless of social status, travel budget or type of accommodation booked. This breaks the stereotype of offering varied levels of customer service to different clients.


Our company performs a security check for every customer, resulting in a clear guest ‘star rated profile’ accessible by all hosts.  The company puts a tremendous amount of effort into the reduction of risks by operating transparently and educating guests and hosts about expectations, as well as the goodwill of members.

Entertainment Program

Our customer entertainment follow-up programme creates a personal wonderland via a surrealistic experience. It includes informing customers about where they will stay, location country, culture, philosophy and humour and is aimed at increasing levels of satisfaction during the stay. The launch of the Programme us expected by 2020.  However, the basic elements of the programme will be implemented early on in pre-set stages.

“…TheGoldenMoon.com – removes dishonesty, inequality and bias and brings transparency and freedom to a heavily monopolised market…”



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