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Joining with a Society of New Travellers

Freedom from boundaries and truly universal choice of accommodation

The online reservation industry has not been spared by the invasion of the shared economy, resulting in the emergence of new players in the travel accommodation industry.  Now everyone seems to have a room to let and wants to join in.  But these rentals are very much in the early developmental stages, with no clear rights and obligations.  The result is that holidaymakers like you are suffering due to frustrations and dissatisfaction whilst on the other side we have irritated hosts.

The passing of time has not brought about enough changes. Those letting out rooms are in constant search of profits, neglecting the desires of those staying with them. At the same time, travellers are often finding themselves mistreated.  Negative stories tend to dominate the industry.  Unpleasant experiences have become the norm and the beauty of travel has been spoiled.  Our ethos is one of restoring a sense of enjoyment and delight to travel.

With this in mind, we are attempting to create something fundamentally different from everything that has gone before; something which will not only reawaken the beauty of travel but also encourage a passion for experiencing it in a far more spiritual way, resulting in a new kind of traveller.

This is how the THEGOLDENMOON.COM was born. Our aim is to become the largest source of travel accommodation on the planet. Our philosophy is not to focus on profit but on the deeply human side of things.  We want those that join with us to celebrate the beauty of life and exploration.

This is considered to be the corner stone of our society, formed from five basic components; freedom from being restricted by existing boundaries; joining with a Society of New Travellers; benefitting from 5-star customer service; access to a unique programme of entertainment; a universal choice of accommodation.

Freedom from boundaries

We have removed the boundaries between accommodation categories and brought the entire collection of hotels, hostels, B&BS, and rooms in domestic residences under one banner. This allows members of THEGOLDENMOON.COM to explore the whole universe of travel, discovering new wonders and experiences never before available.  We make you free to investigate the world, limited only by your imagination.   With 80 categories of travel accommodation, we have provided the largest possible choice with regard to prices, features and types of properties.  Our sole aim is to enhance the possibility of your travelling far more frequently.

Joining with a Society of New Travellers

We could not provide this freedom and power of choice for you without encouraging the creation of a new mind-set.  We therefore focused on the beauty of human relationships and created a “Society of New Travellers’. Our philosophy is that of equality of culture without restrictions on personal freedom and the existence of equal rights with total awareness of obligations and responsibilities.  The result is a wonderful society where people can flourish whilst being together.

5-star service

We decided to radically overall the provision of customer service making it 5-star for all members, irrespective of social status, budget or type of booking. In doing so we eradicated the idea that 5-star service is only for those with hefty budgets and who belong to a certain strata of society.

Access to a unique Entertainment Programme

Our best kept secret is our unique Entertainment Programme.   Many of us are looking to combine travel with something meaningful, like the search for a purpose in life and discovering new relationships with nature, cultures, or others around us.  With this in mind, we created a unique entertainment programme that provides a wonderful experience and a route towards the discovery of love and joy.

A truly universal choice of accommodation

The choice of accommodation that we provide is truly an eclectic mix.  Choose from a vast range of services from hotels and B&BS through to rooms in shared accommodation with owners.  All are of the same high standard.

This is what the THEGOLDENMOON.COM is about. 

  We invite you to join us.