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Introducing The Independent Guestima Guest Checking Service


Introducing The Independent Guestima Guest Checking Service

We are proud to help hosts accept bookings with the confidence they need through a new comprehensive guest screening database. What’s more, this is independent, so you know you can rely on the information you receive.

Guestima: Protecting Your Business

We understand how problem guests concern hosts just like you. To that end, the Guestima takes steps to protect your property and help you decide whether guests wishing to book with you are the sort of people you want to accept bookings from.

Use our database and our extended network of global partners to screen potential guests before accepting their booking. This helps you do so in the confidence of knowing your property, and everything in it, is safe. There are always risks to your property such as deliberate or accidental damage. It’s vital that you understand the guests looking to book your property, and ensure you get the best: those with the right attitude and background who will respect your property.

We have the experience and confidence you are looking for

We understand how much you value the need for confidence in the process of getting the right guests. With our comprehensive guest checking service using an independent verification system, you can accept bookings with confidence and most importantly – focus on guest service.

What You Get from Guestima’s Guest Screening Service

01. Guestima Guest Screening: We offer free pre-booking checks against our comprehensive database when any guest tries to book your property

02. Global Checking: We also check external partner databases for a guest’s background. These external services may include further charges, however.

03. Expanding Crowd-Sourced Global Database: We enable Guestima hosts to contribute guest data into our evolving database to help other Guestima users identify the sort of guests who might not be suitable for their property.

04. Guestima Partnering: we work alongside our hosts to build the most comprehensive databased in the world to reflect current needs and to anticipate future developments.

What our members have to say about the database

“Guestima database works for and with users to help us thrive by adding vital features and functions to the process of accepting a booking. I used the database service and was glad I did as the benefits quickly became apparent: they take responsibility towards host safety very seriously.”

About us and our team.

We have built a solid reputation on accuracy, customer service and building mutual respect between ourselves, hosts, and the guests that use our service.

We comply with all regulations pertaining to data collection and analysis. Rest assured that the database checking service adheres to ethical requirements while continuing to provide information vital to helping hosts make the right decision.

This advanced database provides hosts with guest data you could not possibly acquire elsewhere. We carefully analyse the data to ensure due consideration is given to risk mitigation for your rental business. The aim is to help you make better decisions for your booking acceptance process, protect your brand, and safeguard your business’ and property reputation against unsuitable guests.