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Guestima: How It Works


To start…

You need to create a member account. It is free and allows you to receive the screening reports, as well as submit reviews about guests to the database. To do this, please send an email to support@guestima.com providing:
Your full name, email address, phone number with a country code, and a link to your property listing at any online booking platform.

What happens next

Once this information is received and confirmed, we will send a confirmation email with your personal member number. You will be assigned a personal account manager who will ensure a smooth and supportive environment.

When you are a member you can…

Request a screening of a particular guest against our guest’s database.  It is free of charge and responses normally takes 3 to 5 minutes. Such a speedy response will help you keep your host’s response rating high and accept the booking without delay.

Request a screening from a wider database of our global partners. Responses might take up to 45 minutes. Some data owners might impose charges. However, before submitting a request it will be explained clearly which partners impose a charge; you decide if you want to include them in your request.

Once screening is complete, you will receive an email report stating whether the guest in question has a database record. If there is a record, you will be provided with the guest’s risk assessment.  The assessment indicates the level of risk associated with accepting the guest’s booking request on a scale from 0 to 10 where 0 represent “low risk”, and 10 is the highest level of risk.


As a Guestima member you are entitled to add reviews about guests involved in instances of misbehaviour. Once your information is received and evaluated it will be added to the Guestima database and become searchable by other hosts. Your contribution is vital in keeping the database fully up to date.


To be an asset to the public, we encourage all members to tell us how the Guestima can work for its users.  We are hosts too and understand all the problems hosts have. However, we see our work as a process of constant development, and to remain wide open for all suggestions and improvements in creating the most comprehensive and complete global database.

What does it mean for you?

All of us deserve to have a business that we love and thrive in. Assurance of safety for rental property is one of our key features.  Having a global, up to date database reassures guests that bad behaviour will not come without consequence. Knowing about the existence of Guestima- the “global guest’s black list” will force the bad guests to think twice. This is how Guestima sees its role in making the world a better place for you.


We are free from commercial or political bias and proud to offer you a free service. We bring reports and trustworthy comments every day, free of charge. Some global partners might include some charges. However, you will be informed about the paid search and asked to indicate if you wish to include it into your reporting.

Your support …

Thanks to support from hosts like you, we maintain our independence when screening guests. We ask that you support our checking service with a voluntary contribution. This support will help us maintain the service’s independence and continue delivering that quality service open to all guests anywhere in the world.

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