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FAQ: Hosts



Product benefits:

The freedom and opportunities occurring from a newly developed market.


We remove the boundaries between accommodation categories, resulting in bringing them all together under the same brand name, specifically Hotels and AirBnBs. This provides AirB&Bs many benefits.  You will be able to:

  • Penetrate a new market which you could not reach before.
  • Compete with hotels directly allowing for new forms of competition previously unavailable.
  • Compete with a new market comprising of the largest amount of travel accommodation with an estimated 28% annual growth for AirB&Bs, thus securing higher profits.
  • Reaching new audiences by broader advertising and increased exposure.
  • Decreasing dependence upon the heavily monopolised existing market of local hosts resulting in inflexibility of thought and choice of actions.
  • Renting your properties out via a market that comprises considerably less competition, resulting in wider exposure and bookability.
  • Accessing far more opportunities via a shared economy, thus maximising profit and satisfaction.
  • Opportunities to sell far more in a short period of time, taking account of the fact that the window of opportunity might not last forever.

Competition benefits:

TheGM allows you to advertise away from hyper-competitive routes, benefiting from both higher rates for your accommodation and visibility of the platform. 


The number of local hosts has almost tripled in recent years. The number of guests did not grow on the same scale and was considerably reduced by recent aggressive price policies of hostels. This left the overpopulated AirB&B platforms with no choice but to create an algorithm which spreads demand equally among suppliers. This means that your listings have a limited exposure to certain groups of guests at certain times, as ordered by the algorithm which tries to spread the exposure of your listing equally among you and other competing hosts. An inevitable consequence of this that you will never sell your days fully. When supply exceeds demand you either suffer the loss of unsold days or must reduce your price. Both can be considered as losses.

Competition between platforms:

The end of the era of monopolism… 


Having more platforms to advertise your property brings to an end the era of a single service provider, empowering local hosts with choice and possibilities. This is the end of the era of harsh behaviour toward the local host, making decisions solely based upon service provider’s behalf, and length of relationship dictated by a single provider. By introducing more competition between the platforms and not between the local hosts, prospects are much brighter as the service provider works harder to meet the needs of hosts. TheGM considers this as its biggest achievement in its constant search for a more equal society. TheGM is a logical response to market demands.

Pricing benefits:

Generating higher income through informed choice…


Use of the TheGM platform is less expensive (2.5% plus VAT) than using those of competitors. However, the full extent of benefits is delivered when the price is used in connection with other benefits. That’s what we call the Smart Choice Programme, creating a thin balance between intuitive and informed choice. This is what makes thegoldenmoon.com your winning choice.

  •  Airbnb charges 3.7%. However, the competition on the platform is very high making your unbooked days a certainty. Loss of profit due to the highest internal and external competition was the most noticeable disadvantage of the platform last year. The ID check is carried out, email is verified and phone and presence on social media is looked into.
  •  9Flats.com  imposes an enormous 15% Service Fee on hosts making it by far the least profitable platform for local hosts. There are no security checks.
  •  Wimdu.com  charge the hosts 0% Service Fee. This might make it look the most attractive at first sight. However, it imposes a remarkable 18% service charge on the guest’s side, making the price guests pay much higher, reducing the probability of the booking. More than this, the company does not perform any security check on their guests allowing bookings for anyone having confirmed an email address. This in turn considerably increases the risk of losses in case of an unfortunate mishap.
  •  Thegoldenmoon.com  – 2.5% plus VAT. Full guest ID checks with verified email, phone, and presence on social media. There is a possibility for a 50% reduction on Service Fee based on an individual agreement.

5-star Service benefits:

 A considerable increase in perception of quality of the hosted property


We provide 5-star service for every customer resulting in:

  • Profitability increase through improved guest satisfaction
  • Higher evaluation of property on social networks
  • Improved user-generated online content
  • Higher favourability and credibility of host

Host’s Service Benefits: “Your House- Your Rules” Policy

What is it about?  

TheGM was created by hosts and understands the many challenges involved from personal experience. This allows for better addressing of the problems of the host compared to our competitors. We assign a massive value to the needs and opinions of local hosts listed on our platform in recognition of their importance within  TheGM Society, resulting in:

  • Your opinion is counted, your voice heard and final decisions taken irrespective of financial incentives.
  • A collaborative culture allowing for mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Fair treatment for all, allowing higher satisfaction on both sides.
  • Transparency throughout, boosting confidence with regard to fair treatment.

Client benefits:

Harmonious guest/host relationships…


Understanding the needs of our guests allows for:

  • A more predictable environment for business.
  • Satisfying guest’s needs more efficiently.
  • Long-term relationships and customer loyalty.
  • Less unwanted situations.

Safety benefits:

TheGM- one of the few who puts your safety before profit.


Each new customer’s ID, phone, email address, and social networks presence is verified resulting in:

  • The most secure online environment for your home.
  • Reducing instances of damage, inappropriate behaviour and other endless unwanted occurrences.

Entertainment Programme benefits:

TheGM – the place where accommodation meets entertainment.


We combine guests’ good days out with something meaningful, such as learning about your environment, relationships with nature and people, adding some humour and generally making the customer’s good day a surrealistic experience and a wonderland, resulting in:

  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction contributing to the better evaluation of the stay.
  • Better host’s reviews and increased favourability.

New Traveller Society benefits:

TheGM Society – bringing beauty from within.


TheGM “Open Doors Policy” empowers members with more control over creating rules, decision making and opinion expressing, allowing for:

  • High awareness of members about their rights and obligations.
  • The clear understanding of mutual benefits and expectations.
  • Informed, educated choice about price/quality relationship.
  • More realistic expectations and reviews about a host.