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The Golden Moon Club

The Golden Moon Discussion Club is an innovative business forum with carefully selected topics. It’s for guests, leading thinkers, and travel professionals to share informed opinions about the business and creating an environment for new ideas.  

Collection of Discussions

The Golden Moon Discussion Club is an innovative business forum with carefully selected topics. It’s for guests, leading thinkers, and travel professionals to share informed opinions about the business and creating an environment for new ideas.

Through talks, interviews and discussions, TheGM Discussion Club helps travel professionals understand the ever-changing trends of tourism, travel and hospitality, the various geographical locations, and to see the clear impacts of change on their business. Tourism professionals can and do profit from the knowledge they gain here.

Our collection of topics “Celebrities of Travel & Hospitality: Expert Opinions ” is aimed at creating the largest source of creativity in global travel. This is our first discussion series for travel & hospitality managers, strategists, marketers, and IT developers- those who create and shape the future of travel. Provoke, decipher, shape and inspire: this is the idea.

Celebrities of Travel & Hospitality:

Expert Opinions

In the era of turbulence for the hospitality environment, many see the current difficulties, yet few see opportunities. The Golden Moon sees opportunities not just to survive, but to thrive. We argue that profit-oriented independent thinking drives development. We aim to improve businesses by empowering our audience with cutting edge knowledge to lead the way in business and society: This is what we do. 

We bring together the opinions of the brightest travel & hospitably professionals, analysts, and journalists and apply them to understanding what is happening in the global travel economy. For years, we have worked to deliver an understanding of the nuances of travelling and the broader hospitality network, online bookings and digital transformation to our members

Rather than relying on “data analytics”, we focus on what matters for market participants. We incorporate the bigger picture including the sociological, economic, and psychological factors but not playing a lesser role than technology.

We are dedicated to helping our members dive as deeply as needed to understand how variables affecting travel and tourism market behaviour moves through the global travel economy. Understanding, interpreting, responding to change: this is The Golden Moon Discussion Club.

Article of the Week:
Host- Get Short-Term Rental Market work for you

The Golden Moon Discussion Club

So, how the ideal world of an average short-term rental might look like? Is it like when you have not to pay a service fee? Or having no excessive competition? Or is it more like having all your calendar booked? Being treated with respect by a booking platform? Polite guests? No safety issues? A little entertaining program for your guests at the end to keep them happier?  It would be reasonable to assume that all the factors do contribute into making your business a pleasant and desirable job to do

Unfortunately, paying excessive booking fees, being treated as an asset, constant fear of property damage, unfair treatment and the devastating feeling that you cannot change anything is more like our everyday reality. 24/7. 

Latest news from around the world

Latest Press Overview

Limitations of current holiday booking platforms: overcoming

New platforms allow for the advertising of properties with no category boundaries. This means all types of travel accommodation, including AirBnBs, hotels and every other category you can think of can be advertised under one convenient listings umbrella. 

Reduced competition as a source of your profit growth.

By listing your property on a new market, you can expect notable growth of listing viewings due to newness of the platform. Put simply, guests will see your listing thirty times more often in addition to what they already see on existing platforms.

Competing with AirBnBs directly – now you can do it

The most dramatic effect of the sharing economy on the hospitality industry is the cannibalising effect on a hotel’s business. Attempting to eradicate the problem by competing on price is not a solution. Introducing local experiences, contributing to negative PR, or remaining in denial won’t help. People will continue to buy a cheaper substitute for hotel rooms.

Risks to business sustainability: monopoly of the few

To thrive, your short-term rental must be sufficiently independent from any form of dependency in its supply chain whatever the actual supply of rental units, providing direct service to the customer, or supply of the end customers to your business.

TheGM’s Super Offer

The first few who recognise the opportunity that Thegoldenmoon.com presents will gain competitive advantage. TheGM has an attractive offer for the early adopters that might well address another problem with paying enormous fees to current well-known booking platforms. So, make sure you are among those grabbing the best seats.

Three key concepts of survival in the modern world of the rental industry.

See how an “all-in-one” notion can help your guests make their booking journeys faster, better, and easier.

While some create boundaries- others remove them.

“The hotel industry takes Airbnb as a threat and is prepared to take action against it”.  Fairly bold statement, making it clear that for some reason, there is a massive effort to keep hotels and local hosts disconnected.

Club's Guest of the Week:

Ruslans Kovalovs

The Golden Moon is the place where the hosts’ interests come first. By this, we mean that our efforts as a business are aimed at creating the best possible environment for hosts, giving them more power, ensuring their security, meeting their needs, and ensuring fair treatment. It has been forgotten that the booking platforms are nobody without properties listed on them. This is TheGM’s game-changing concept.

We do not mean to say that we care less about the end customer – the guests. The consumer is of paramount importance for any business, but they are out of the current discussion. By creating surroundings where the host can thrive, feel secure, protected, with interests met and resolved issues, we are creating for them the best possible environment to allow them to stay fully-focused on serving their end customer.

Ruslans Kovalovs, TheGoldenMoon CEO and founder

Join The Golden Moon for a promising future

Join The Golden Moon for a promising future

The Golden Moon Discussion Club

The Golden Moon Discussion Club is an innovative business forum with carefully selected topics and guests- industry leading thinkers and professionals sharing their opinions about the business creating a space for new ideas in the sector.  

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