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Thegoldenmoon.com: Coronavirus Support.


Winning through the post Coronavirus era begins now. There is severe competition between hotels and the shared economy for guests; guests without a means of income, travel restrictions, and total uncertainty. We want to bring sufficient aid to our society during this unprecedented time.

In doing so, we offer free advertising on our media, press, and social feed for all business involved in hospitality. Whatever your business, big or small, you are invited.

The offer started on 1 July 2020 and will continue for 1 months ending on 1 August 2020. All claims reserved during this period will be published for free either on our media site, press site, blog or social feed platforms. To discuss the option and place your order, please contact us on info@thegoldenmoon.com or phone +44 750 5369 856. Due to our staff working from home there might be some delays. We want to reassure you that all posts received during this period will be published for free. Yes, FREE.