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The dream that guides Thegoldenmoon.com is to bring a universe of choice, remove boundaries and inspire freedom for hosts and travellers around the world. Our values shape how we will achieve this dream.

Driven by Customer Needs

Thegoldenmoon.com constantly considers the needs of its user, whether a traveller or host, and seeks to provide the best online platform possible to inspire freedom.

5-Star Service

In all that TheGM does, it strives for the experience to be 5-star. It aims for the platform to itself be 5-star and for users to buy in to the desire to create a universe for travellers and hosts that is 5-star.

Remove Boundaries

In all the workings of TheGM it strives to understand the challenges faced by consumers and hosts and to remove those things that get in the way of realising freedom.

Creating a Personal Wonderland

As The Golden Moon brings these values together, consumers and hosts alike will become a part of their own Personal Wonderland, a universe of choice, removing boundaries and inspiring freedom. Founded in April of 2016 and based in London, United Kingdom, The Golden Moon is an online Global Community to inspire freedom. The service allows users to list their properties, and discover and book unique travel adventures, whether a room for a night, an apartment for a week, or even a villa for a month. The Golden Moon inspires users to find their personal wonderland and belong wherever they are through unique travel experiences and a shared love of exploration.