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About Us


TheGM is the largest online marketplace of travel accommodation and rental properties. The company’s goal is to satisfy a fundamental property of human happiness which is the desire to travel more often. By creating the largest choice of accommodation, with a variety of types, prices and features, it aims to fit with the needs of the more diversified traveller, ultimately increasing the ability to travel more.

The uniqueness of the company comes from four distinctive components

Universe of Choice.

This is created by removing the boundaries between types of accommodation categories and bringing all known categories into one place including Hotels, AirB&Bs, Holiday Homes, Serviced Apartments, B&Bs, Villas, Hostels and Boats, resulting in 80 categories altogether.

Super Service.

TheGM is the first company offering clients a 5-star service online, ensuring that their experience is intimate, emotional, and magical. A ‘touch of class’ is provided for all, regardless of social status or income and is aimed at proving the statement that ‘enjoying life does not have to be expensive.’

Society of New Travellers.

This is created to celebrate the inner beauty of its members, consciously working to make the world a better place together. It is a society where everyone has rights and obligations and where you decide on the rules, decisions, and problems. It is a place where people come before profit.

Entertainment Programme.

This is a secret and never-been-done-before experience, making TheGM the place where accommodation meets entertainment.  It is aimed at increasing the customer’s satisfaction during the stay and includes a follow-up programme to assist, in a systematic and meaningful way, with news about the location along with its history and culture.  Also included will be humour, philosophy, a sense of the purpose of life, and creating a good day out that is also a surrealistic experience of a personal wonderland. The programme is currently under development with basic elements being implemented during the early stages.

Key commitments- we are committed to…

  • Building the best choice of travel accommodation available, independent of any financial incentives.
  • Creating an industry-leading company that will continue to grow and develop with our customers.
  • Building a Society of New Travellers which everyone wants to be a part of.
  • Constantly searching for new options, enabling clients to travel more.
  • Providing the best customer service on the planet.



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