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We are The Golden Moon Media Group [The GMMG]

The GMMG is one of Europe’s fastest growing media organisations. Our core business is The Golden Moon Press (TheGM Press), publisher of thegoldemoon.com/press, an independent multi-language hospitality news website in Europe.


In the UK, The GMMG publishes on The Golden Moon News website five days a week. We also run the world’s newest hospitality business forum, The Golden Moon Discussion Club. Both focus on news, trends, research and issues within the hospitality industry.

Our ownership

The GMMG is owned by The Golden Moon.com. TheGM.com is an in-house tourist accommodation booking company redefining the way the travel industry approaches accommodation marketing and bringing all types of accommodation under one umbrella. Together with the parent company, TheGM Press and TheGM News, The Golden Moon Media Group creates a unique structure that secures the financial independence of TheGM.com as well as editorial independence of TheGM Press and TheGM News.

Our principals

We set out that TheGMMG should relate to the world of travel industry in a way that reflects company’s history. In the doing, we will follow four simple principles: we will deliver the news having the most impact in hospitality industry; we will deliver the ideas that help improve the hospitality business not just critique them; we will remain focussed on collaboration with all involved parties in order to have the widest possible reflection on what is matter; we will report straight and fairly on people and events regardless of financial incentives.

Our values

courage, honesty, fairness, and reliability to our readers four values that set the foundations of how we work, and what we expect from each other. We promote an open culture; fostering curiosity and innovation; we stand up for what we believe is right and aim to act ethically, fully prepared to take responsibly for our mistakes and be ready to learn from them. We promote and advocate diversity, embrace inclusivity, and treat everyone with respect; we strive for excellence in everything we do in the best interests of our readers and community.

Our vibe

We are insiders...

We are insiders who live the brand inside and out, a group of industry professionals. We do not readily rely on the opinions of others in the industry, having built a reputation for independent views, fearless reporting, and standing up for what we believe is right, and ethical.

Quality of information is of vital importance to any business, especially in times when information is all-pervading. Unfortunately, due to the ever-changing nature of the market and financial pressures, quality becomes increasingly difficult to maintain. The GMMG was established as an attempt to counter the effects of these pressures. Our aim is simple: encourage the highest quality news production in the industry wherever possible.

Our Products

TheGM Media Group

The GMMG is for hospitality industry managers, strategists, marketers and developers, providing the latest views on industry trends.

TheGM News

TheGM News is the daily news brand of the hospitality industry. Through objective reporting and careful reviewing, it is the leading source of fresh thinking for the industry.

TheGM Discussion Club

The Golden Moon Discussion Club is an innovative business forum with carefully selected topics and guests- industry leading thinkers and professionals sharing their opinions about the business creating a space for new ideas in the sector.


TheGM.com – branded booking platform: in-house tourist accommodation booking company redefining the way the travel industry approaches accommodation marketing by bringing all types of accommodation under one umbrella.

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