Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Updated: 25 May 2018 

This Privacy Policy contains every information regarding how The Golden Moon gathers, process, use or disclose every information including your personal information relating to your access and use of this platform and our Payment Services. 

Any undefined term you see in this document like "Listing" or "TheGM Platform," is the same in our Terms of Service. 

When you see "TheGM," "we," "us," or "our," in this policy, bear in mind that it is talking about The Golden Moon website which contains your information under this Policy.


1.   Name and address of the controller


The controller in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) national data protection laws and other legal data protection regulations is: 


Mr Ruslans Kovalovs

Data Protection Officer, 

Unit 5, Jackson Court, 

314 Romford Road, 


United Kingdom.


2.   General provisions for data processing 


1.   Scope of Personal Data Processing


As long as we are responsible to for the collection, processing, and use of your personal information as part of our services, we operate in pursuant with relevant English and European data protection laws.

As our principle, we can only collect and use the personal data of our users only when it is necessary to provide a functional website, content, and services. This practice only works when the user gives his/her consent.  An exception to this principle applies we cannot obtain the consent of the user for some reasons and when the law permits such data processing


2.   Legal basis for personal data processing


Although we obtain the user's consent to collect and process the data, we still follow the point (a) of Art. 6(1) of the (GDPR) regulations as the legal basis for the data processing.

We also use point (b) of Article 6(1) GDPR to serve as our legal basis when it relates to the processing of data to conclude and carry out a contract where the user is a party. This basis also covers all other operations that precede the conclusion of the contract.

To comply with any legal obligation that involves our company, we base our operations on point (c) of Article 6(1) GDPR for processing the personal information of our users

When it is necessary to process the personal data of our users to protect their interest or that of another person, we base such actions legally on point (d) of Article 6(1) GDPR

If processing our user's data is necessary for a legitimate interests that our company or a third party is pursuing, and if such interests or fundamental human rights and freedoms of the subject do not override the first interests, point (f) of Article 6(1) GDPR serves as the legal basis for processing.


3.   Data storage and erasing period


We cease to store the personal data of our users as soon as we complete the purpose for which such data was gathered. Also, data storage we may store the data if the national legislator of the EU regulations makes such provisions. We also erase or block data when the storage period which is contained in the standard of operation expires unless a need arises for storing the data to conclude or perform a contract.


4.   Transference of user's personal data to third parties


We may transfer your personal data to other third parties when it is necessary, but such action must be in compliance with the local regulations or laws, especially to people that fall into these categories:

·      Affiliated companies

·      Service providers that are carrying out our services

·      Outsourced IT services providers who we work with. 

We pass your personal data to complete a booking on your behalf (I), enable the payments for such bookings (II), for analytical support services (III) sending marketing material. 


3.   Website provisions and creation of long file


1.   Description and the scope of processing personal data


Each time someone visits our website, the system collects data and information automatically from the computer system of the visitor's computer.

The data that we collect through this process include:

1.   The type and the version of the browser which the visitor used

2.   The user's operating system 

3.   The user's ISP 

4.   The user's login IP address 

5.   The date and time of such visit

6.   Websites that linked our website 

7.   Websites which the user linked through our website

Each of the data collected is then stored in our system's log file.  These data and the personal data of the user are not stored in the same places.

If the visitor used a mobile device, what we collect are the location data and the device-specific setting. This same data goes into storage whether you are registered with TheGM or not or have accessed your TheGM account.


2.   Legal basis for our data processing


Point (f) of Article 6(1) GDPR covers the temporary storage of our data and the log files.

3.   Purpose of processing data


When you visit our platform, for instance when you want to search for post listings, accommodation, make bookings, accept your booking requests, post reviews or comments, pay for your accommodation or when you want to communicate with users of the platform or TheGM, our system stores information like the IP address, date and time you visited, your activities on our platform, the browser type you used and other information that has to do with the operating system of your computer, your original website and the pages you accessed.

Our system stores the IP address temporarily so that it can deliver the website to your computer. Therefore, your IP address must be in our system for the whole time you spent on the website.

The reason for storing data in the log files is to make sure that the website functions very well. Also, we use such data to optimize the results of our website and to make sure that our information technology systems are properly secured. In such situations, we do not use the data to promote our marketing goals

Therefore, our interest in processing such data is legitimate in accordance to point (f) of Article 6(1) GDPR.


4.   Duration of storage


When we have finished using the data in storage for the purpose for which it was gathered, it will be erased. These include the data collected for the website, and as soon as the session expires, they are deleted. 

Also, after 60 days, every data that is stored in the log files are also deleted. However, the storage period may exceed this period sometimes. What we do in this situation is to erase the IP Address of the user, or we modify it so that no one can use it for any other assignment which the requesting client may send later.


5.   User's objection


Collecting data for the website and storing of such data in the log files is necessary for the website's operation to move smoothly. Therefore, it is not possible for the user to object.


4.   Registration


1.    Description of data processing and the scope


For users of our website, we make provisions for them to register as soon as they provide their personal information to create an account. Once we get the data which they enter, we will store it. The type of data we collect from users when they are registering include:

·      Name

·      Postal address 

·      Phone number

·      Email address

·      Profile picture

·      Information about their accounts on social networks

·      Communication through our website messaging system

·      Driving license

·      Official ID card/passport

·      Bank details 

·      IP address 

·      Country/city of origin)

·      Date of the website visit

·      Time visited

·      Information about listings the user registered


2.    Legal basis covering data processing


Points (a) of Article 6(1) and (b) Article 6(1) GDPR covers the data processing.


3.    The purpose of processing data


User registration is necessary to make some services and contents accessible on our website.

Also, a user can create a personal account on our website. This account will enable you to do such things like saving your personal settings, making a booking or posting a listing 

To complete your account setup, you will need to provide such information like your personal email address, a password, an address, surname, first name, payment details and date of birth to the TheGM. The email address you provide is your access identification for the account you are creating. After registration, you will receive an email to confirm your details. Any time you want, you can update the data in your account setting. 


4.    Length of storage


Immediately we complete the purpose for collecting the data from our users, such data will be wiped from the system. 

This involves every data collected when a user is going through the registration process if such registration is modified or cancelled.  

Also, every data which is no longer necessary for performing the mediation contract will be erased as well.


5.    Users data erasure and objectivity 


Users of the website reserve the right to cancel their registration any time they want. As a user, you can modify every data about yourself in the system any time you like.

To cancel your account, send the request to the Customer Support Team, or you can contact TheGM by sending an email to A member of the support team will cancel your account.

If the reason for collecting your data was to perform a contract or complete prerequisite steps to enter into such contracts, you could only erase the data if such actions will not be a hindrance to the statutory or contractual obligations.  


5.   Using cookies


1.   Description of data processing and the scope 


TheGM has the right to make use of cookies on the website. Cookies are those text files stored in your browser's cache which promotes easier recognition whenever you access the website. 

We make use of 'persistent' cookies. They stay on your computer to make personalization very simple. They also simplify the registration services whenever a user visits the website. Cookies are capable of storing whatever a user selects. You can remove the cookies manually any time you want.

There are 'session' cookies. These types don't remain on your computer. Immediately you leave our site; these cookies are erased because they are temporary.

We make use of these cookies to ensure the easy use of our site for visitors. As we collect the information, it becomes easy to analyse the patterns of usage and the structures of our site. This action helps us to serve our visitors very well every time in services like personalization, site simplicity, and the content

These types of data are what our systems store and transmit via cookies:

·      Currency settings

·      Language settings

·      Login information


2.   Legal basis backing our data processing using cookies


Our right to process personal of the users of our website using cookies is based on Point (f) of Article 6(1).


3.   The purpose of processing data


Cookies are technically required to make our website easy for visitors to use. Without such cookies, some of the website features will not be available for users. For these, when a user switches to another website, the browser will be recognized.

These applications need the use of cookies:

·      Storing currency settings and language

·      Remembering the terms a user searched 

The data of a user which we collect with the cookies are not for the purpose of creating user profiles.

Analysis cookies improve the content and quality of the website. They help us to know the rate at which people use our website and enable us to optimize the offers we make to the visitors. 


4.   Storage period, erasure and objection 


The place where cookies stay is on a user's computer and then, transmits to our website. Therefore, every user, has absolute control of the cookies. If you want to restrict transmission or deactivate them, you will simply change your browser's settings.  

Any cookies in storage can be cleaned at any time and automatically too. However, if you are deactivating cookies that relate to our website it will be difficult or impossible to utilize all the features on our site fully. Moreover, this may lead to restricting your usage of our site. 


6.   Web analytics and tracking


We use 'tracking tools' on our website, to collect and store data for optimization and marketing purposes. As a user, you have the right to object to such actions any time.

1.   Scope of processing user's personal data 


On our site, we make use of the following tracking web analytics tools:

·      Google Analytics

2.   Legal grounds for processing personal data


Our processing of a user's database on Point (f) of Article 6(1) GDPR 


3.   Purpose of processing


Processing personal data of our users makes it possible to analyse the extent to which the user browses. Evaluating the data we collect makes it easier for us to get the accurate information on how every component of our website is being utilized. Such analysis will help us to improve the site and make it better so that users can use it easily. For this reason, our interest to process such data is legitimate by point (f) of Article 6(1) GDPR. 

If a user makes his IP address anonymous, his interest to protect his personal data is sufficiently respected. This is how we use our web analytics tools or tracking tools:

TheGM makes use of Google Analytics, which is a service provided by Google, Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics makes use of cookies. The information which the cookies generate about how you use our website is transmitted to Google and stored by them on their servers in the US. If you activate your IP anonymization on our site, Google will shorten it for states of the EU and for parties of European Economic Area Agreement.

The only time your full IP address will be sent to a Google server in US which will, in turn, shorten it is only rare occasions. Google uses the information to analyse how you use our website, to compile a report on the activities going on in the website, provide additional services that relates to the activities on the site and overall use of the internet to the TheGM, Your IP address, which your browser transmits through Google Analytics, will be kept differently from other data which Google stored.

If you want to prevent Google from collecting the data which cookies generate concerning your activities on the website, your IP address and also prevent it from processing such data, download and install the plug-in under


4.   Storage period


After we complete the tracking purposes for collecting such data, they are completely erased.


5.   Objection or erasure possibility


The cookies are first stored on your computer before it is transmitted to our website. Therefore, every user, has absolute control of the cookies. If you want to restrict transmission or deactivate them, you will simply change your browser's settings.  

Any cookies in storage can be cleaned at any time and automatically too. However, if you are deactivating cookies that relate to our website it will be difficult or impossible to utilize all the features on our site fully. 


Google Analytics:

If you want to prevent Google from collecting the data which cookies generate concerning your activities on the website, your IP address and also prevent it from processing such data, download and install the plug-in under

Also, you can deactivate Google's capacity to collect the data which has to do with usage. To do that, contact Google asking for cookie deactivating link. By confirming through this link, you will get the opt-out cookie set on the data carrier. Bear in mind that when you delete all cookies present on your personal computer, you will also delete the opt-out cookie. If you wish to continue your object of Google collecting your data, set your opt-out cookie afterwards. This opt-out cookie necessitates that you set it per computer or browser. If you use different devices to visit the web pages on our site or you access them using different browsers, it is important to reactivate the opt-out cookie on both the computer and browser respectively


7.   Re-targeting


1. Scope of data processing


TheGM uses re-targeting technology which includes:

·      Google Analytics

          2. Legal grounds for processing personal data


The legal grounds for processing of a user's information base on Point (f) of Article 6(1) GDPR 

         3. Purpose of processing user's personal data


We use this particular technology to enhance our internet offers to you. This technology enables us to serve many internet users who have shown interest to utilize our offers through advertising on our partner's websites. To achieve this aim, our interest in the processing of user's data is legitimate by point (f) of Article 6(1) GDPR. The process of making your IP address anonymous, adequately considers the user's interest to protect their personal data. 


4.  Storage period


As soon as we finish the tracking purpose for which we collect the personal data of our users, we erase the data. 


5.   Erasure and Objection possibility


If you want to restrict transmission or deactivate the cookies, you will simply change your browser's settings.  Any cookie in storage can be cleaned at any time and automatically too. However, if you are deactivating cookies that relate to our website it will be difficult or impossible to fully utilize all the features on our site. 


8.    Social plugins (Google, Facebook)


1.    Scope of data processing


TheGM has the right to use some of your personal information like email address, to share on social media platforms including Facebook, Google or others with the aim of driving traffic to the website, generating leads or promote the products, services or making the TheGM Platform visible. These activities are backed by the legitimate interest which we have to carry out some activities involving marketing of products and services which may be to the user's interest.


2.    Legal grounds for processing our user's personal data


The legal grounds for processing of a user's personal data bases on Point (a) of Article 6(1).


3.    Purpose of processing personal data


Your data which the cookies transmit to us move to storage, and the TheGM will process it for the registration which you will do on the platform. By registering through Google or Facebook, you have agreed that the data in your Google or Facebook profiles will be transferred to TheGM, and also permits a data transfer from TheGM to Google or Facebook.

Note that TheGM does not have control over the platforms where we will share your data and doesn't supervise such social media platforms as well. So, direct your questions on the processing of your data by a social media platform provider to them.     

4.    Storage Period


Immediately we complete our tracking activities; we will erase your personal data. Therefore, your data remains in our system for as long as you need it for registration or login.


5.    Objection or erasure


As a user, you can terminate your account any time you like. 


9.    Contacting TheGM


1.   Data processing scope and description


You can reach out to TheGM using this email address:

In such situation, your personal data which is transferred to us through this email you send will be stored.

In this situation, third parties have no access to your personal data. We only use the data to process the conversation and nothing else. 


2.   Legal grounds for processing data


As long as the user has consented to the data processing, our legal grounds for such will be by Point (a) of Article 6(1) GDPR.

To process any data, we get through the email a user sends, we do so in accordance with Point (f) of Article 6(1) GDPR. When such email is for contract conclusion point (b) of Article 6(1) GDPR further covers our activities.


3.   Purpose of processing user's data


TheGM can collect information which you send through the mail, processes it and use it to complete a user's request. In each occasion when such thing occurred the contact between the user and TheGM was through an email and we give a legal interest in such data processing 


4.   Storage period


The data expires and will be erased from our system after they have served their purposes. For data which we got from through the input mask via our contact form or the data transferred through email, immediately the conversation ends, they are also erased. We term the conversation as finished as soon as the issue in question has been resolved.

The personal data which we collect while sending shall also be erased after 60 days.


5.   Erasure or objection


A user can revoke the consent given to us to process his/her personal data. If you send a message via email to us, you can object to our storing of your data. In such situation, we cannot continue the conversation with you.

A user can revoke their initial consent to our processing of their personal data and also refuse the storage of same any time by sending a written notice or a mail or to TheGM, Data Protection Officer with his/her name and address. 

When you do, we will erase all your personal data stored during the contact. 


10. Newsletter


1.   Scope and description of data processing


It is easy to subscribe to our free newsletter on the website. When you register for such newsletter, the input mask transfers your data to us.

When we are processing the data for sending the newsletter to you, we do not disclose them to third parties.  We only use such data for sending of our newsletter to you.


2.   Legal ground for your data processing


After you register for our newsletter, we have the right to process your data based on Point (a) of Article 6(1) GDPR as long as you give have consented to it. 


3.   Purpose of such data processing


TheGM makes use of your email address to create a user account for you so that we can send vital information concerning our offers and general promotions through email, as long as you indicated your interest in the newsletter. TheGM can personalize your newsletter content to contain vital information which TheGM believes will interest you. To complete such personalization TheGM will consider your booking history, i.e., some of the offers and bookings which you have viewed on our website in time past.


4.   Storage Period


As soon as we no longer need the data, we erase them. However, we store your email address for the duration when your subscription to our newsletter is running.


5.   The possibility of erasure or objection

As a user, you have the right to manage the settings which allow the TheGM newsletter in your account. If you wish you can, you can cancel the newsletter in your account and will stop receiving it. Additionally, every newsletter has a link where you can unsubscribe if you want.

11.Your rights  

You can exercise the following rights by sending a message through an email to Please note that we may ask you, in such instance, to send a proof of identity to us before we take further action to complete your request. 


Rights as a data subject


If we process your personal data, you are termed a data subject, and this is laid down in the GDPR. Therefore, you have the following rights:


1.    Accessing your data

You can demand to get free information concerning your personal data saved on our system.

You can ask the controller to confirm whether we are processing your personal data or not.

If we are, you can ask the controller to give you access to information such as:


1.   Our reason for processing your data;

2.   The category of such personal data we collected;

3.   the parties that have accessed your personal data;

4.   the estimated period for storing your personal data or, if there is no such data the criteria for determining such period;

5.   whether you have the right to ask the controller to erasure or rectify your personal data, or if you can ask the controller to refrain from processing your personal data or stop refuse such processing;

6.   whether you can complain with a supervisor;

7.   any information the controller has concerning the source through which the data emerged, especially where data subject did not provide the data directly;

8.   The right to make decisions, which includes profiling, seen in Article 22(1) and (4) GDPR.

It is also your right to know if your personal data was sent to another country or given to any international organization. In this case, you have every right to get such information regarding how the controller will safeguard the data by Article 46 GDPR relating to such transfer.


2.    Rectification


TheGM takes adequate steps to make sure that the personal data which are saved in our system are accurate. Your responsibility is to make sure that you send accurate and complete information to us as well without errors and to let us know if there are changes to the details you sent to us. 

You also have such right to ask the controller to complete or rectify any incomplete or inaccurate personal data. The controller shall rectify such information immediately.


3.    Right to restrict data processing


It is your right to restrict data processing that concerns you under such conditions like: 

1.   if you contested the accuracy of the data for a time giving the controller time to verify such personal data;

2.   in situations when processing such data is against the law, and you asked them to restrict their use of such data instead of erasing it completely;

3.  If the controller has completed the purposes of processing such data, but you need them to exercise, establish or defend legal claims, or

4.  if you raised objections against processing the data by Article 21(1) GDPR pending when you get the verification of whether the controller's legitimate grounds supersede yours.

Where there are restrictions on processing your personal data, such data shall, will be processed only when you give your consent or when there is need to establish, exercise or put up a defence of claims under the law or to protect the rights of a legal or a natural person or for such reasons that relate to public interest.

If you restricted the processing of your personal data by the conditions we mentioned above, the controller shall inform you before lifting the restriction placed on the data processing.


4.   Right to erase your data


Under specific conditions, a user can ask us to erase any personal data which we saved. The data we can erase will not include those ones which TheGM has to store for public interest related reasons

a)    Obligation to erase


On grounds such as what you see below, you can ask the controller to erase your personal data, and the controller will do such without delay:

a.    The data about you has outlived its usefulness for such purpose which necessitated the collection and processing.

b.   You can also withdraw your consent which you gave for the processing in accordance to point (a) of Article 6(1) or (a) of Article 9(2) GDPR, and no further legal ground exists for such processing.

c.    You made objections to processing your data in accordance with Article 21(1) GDPR and there exist no other legitimate grounds that overrides your objection for such processing, or your objections were based on Article 21(2) GDPR.

d.   Your personal data has been processed unlawfully.

e.    It is important to erase such personal data about you to comply with a legal obligation subjecting the controller to obedience.

f.     The data about you was collected to fulfil the information society services offer mentioned in Article 8(1) GDPR.

b)   Information to other Third Parties


Where the controller made your data public and is under obligation in accordance with Article 17(1) GDPR to clean such data, the controller, considering implementation cost and availability of technology, shall take sensible steps which entails some technical measures, to let the controllers processing your personal data know that you, the data subject, wants such controllers to erase any links to, replication or copy of, your personal data.

c)    Exceptions


You cannot exercise the erasure rights if processing such data is necessary:

g.   for exercising your free expression right and freedom of information right;

h.   for complying with any legal obligation that needs the processing of your data by the EU or English law which the controller must obey or perform a task that serves the interest of the public or to exercise official authority which the controller has;

i.     in the interest of the public in such areas as public health pursuant under points (h) and (i) of Article 9(2) with Article 9(3) GDPR;

j.     for archiving such purposes that benefit the public, historical research, scientific research or statistical purposes pursuant of Article 89(1) GDPR as long as such right mentioned in paragraph 1 may seriously hinder achieving such objectives for processing the data or 

k.    for establishing, defending or exercising of a legal claim.


5.   Right to information


If you at any time exercise your right to erasure, restriction rectification, against the site controller, in such cases it is the obligation of the controller to communicate such erasure of data, processing restriction or rectification to every recipient who has accessed your personal data, unless it is impossible to do so or if it will take disproportionate effort.

The controller is obliged to inform you about such recipients because it is your right to know them.

6.   Data portability right


It is your right to receive a copy of the data you sent to the controller, in well-structured, and machine-readable format. Also, you can transmit the same data to a different controller freely without any form of restrictions for the previous controller 

a.    such processing must be when consent has been given under point (a) of Article 6(1) GDPR, point (a) of Article 9(2) GDPR or point (b) of Article 6(1) GDPR; and

b.   such processing follows an automated means.

In exercising your right, you can ask for a direct transmission of your data between controller that relates to your activities, where it is technically feasible. This will not affect others freedom and rights 

Such data portability right will not be exercised if your data was for fulfilling a purpose beneficial to the public or when the controller was exercising the authority vested officially. 


7.   Objection rights


You can object, on the grounds that relate to your specific situation, any time concerning the processing of your data relying on the provisions on point (e) or (f) of Article 6(1) GDPR, including other things like profiling that also rely on the provisions.

The controller will no longer proceed to process your personal data unless there is evidence showing a legitimate ground overriding your interests, freedom, and rights for such processing or the controller has to establish, defend or exercise any legal claim.

Where your personal data was processed to fulfil marketing purposes by the controller, you can object any time about such personal data processing, and this includes profiling relating to the direct marketing purposes.

Where you raise your objections to processing your data for that particular marketing purpose, the controller will not process such personal data to fulfil the same purpose.

If it concerns information society services, and Directive 2002/58/EC, you can exercise the right you have to raise your objections via automated means through technical specifications.


12. Consent revocation 


You have the right to revoke the consent you gave which allowed the controller to collect, process and use your personal data whenever you want including future uses without cost through a written notice or an email to TheGM, Data Protection Officer, Unit 5, Jackson Court, 314 Romford Road, London, United Kingdom. Your withdrawal of the consent will not change the fact that the processing was based on consent under the law.


13. Automated decision-making by the individual, including profiling


You can refuse any decision that was reached through automated processing, and that includes profiling, with its legal effects that involve you or affects you significantly. 

Exceptions to this include:

1.   When such decision is relevant to entering and performing a contract between a controller and you;

2.   If the EU or English law authorizes such decisions and the controller has to obey or where there are adequate measures for safeguarding a user's freedoms, rights or legitimate interests;

3.   If you gave your consent explicitly.

However, decisions like that shall not rely only on exceptional categories of a user's personal data as mentioned in Article 9(1) GDPR, unless point (a) or (g) of Article 9(2) GDPR applies to it, and there are adequate measures in place for safeguarding your rights, freedoms or legitimate interests.

In such cases as mentioned in points (1) & (3), the controller has the right to implement adequate measures that will safeguard a user's rights, freedoms or legitimate interests which may include your right to get human intervention on the controller's part, to make your point as a user and to contest such decision.


14. Lodging a complaint 


Without prejudice or when there is no judicial or administrative remedy, you can lodge your complaint with related supervisory authority, especially in the English Court, workplace or where the alleged infringement occurred if you feel there was an infringement in processing your personal data under the GDPR.

The authority that received the complaint shall inform you on how it is progressing or the outcome of your complaint which may include the possibility to get a judicial remedy by Article 78 GDPR.


15. Other 


1.    Google Maps/Earth. 


Parts of this Platform makes use of Google Maps/Earth services, including Google Maps API(s). Using Google Maps/Earth is based on Google Maps/Earth Additional Terms of Use and the Google Privacy Policy.

2.   Third Parties

TheGM platform may have some third-party website or services links, like their co-branded services, integrations, branded services ("Third Party Partners"). TheGM doesn't have any control over these Partners, and as you interact with such partners, they may be accessing your information, or you may be sending to TheGM, or to both. These Partners has their different rules concerning the collection of user's data, usage of such data, and disclosing the information. Therefore, you need to review such partner's privacy policies as you visit their websites. 

3.    Analysing user's Communications. 

We can scan, analyse or review every communication you make on this Platform to prevent fraud, for risk assessment, for regulatory compliance, product development, research, investigation, customer support or other purposes. For instance, to prevent fraud, we usually scan all messages, analyse them so that we can to hide references and contact information to third-party websites. Sometimes, we scan, analyse or review messages to improve, debug or widen our product offerings. We make use of automated methods if possible. However, in some situations, we may follow a manual review of some communications, when it involves fraud investigations and providing support to customers, or assessing and improving how the automated tools functions. We don't scan, review or analyse user's communications to send marketing messages from third parties to you, and we don't analyse or sell reviews of these communications. 

The execution of these activities will base on TheGM's legal interest in making sure that the site complies to the laws governing our activities including our Terms, promoting safety, preventing fraud and ensuring that we perform and improve our services.

16. Changes that can be made to this Privacy Policy 

TheGM can modify this Policy any time under the provisions. Any change we make to this Policy will be posted TheGM Platform there will be a "Last Updated" date. We will provide users with notice of such modification via email at within thirty (30) days before the date which the changes will become effective. If you don't agree with what we changed on this Privacy Policy, you can cancel your User Account. If you continue to access or use the TheGM Platform and did not cancel your account within the thirty-days' notice given, you will be obliged to follow the revised version of our Privacy Policy. 

17. Contact us


If you have any question about this Privacy Policy or about the personal data, contact us through You can make use of the contact details in the imprint to contact us.


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