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How to Deal with a Difficult Customer


Even the most efficient and successfully run businesses have them – The Disgruntled Customer. Some people just seem to get annoyed or impatient or even angry way quicker than others. Although sometimes we’d love to show a difficult customer the door, they will spread negative publicity about their experience. And unfortunately, we all know that bad news spreads way quicker than good news.

Worst still, nowadays people resort to airing their views and grievances on social media. Once a bad rating or review hits your social media pages it’s almost impossible to undo the damage.

Here’s a quick guide to help:

  1. Practice active listening
  2. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes
  3. Lower your voice
  4. Assume everyone is watching
  5. Know when to compromise
  6. Don’t get angry or upset
  7. Never take it personally
  8. Remember everyone has bad days
  9. Keep your promises
  10. Let the customer know the next step

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