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How has Covid-19 Affected Business Travel?


In a recent interview on ‘This is Working’, Bill Gates expressed his concern that business travel may never go back to normal. We agree for several reasons:

  • During the various stages of lockdown many business people saw the benefit, convenience and advantages of online meetings with platforms such as Zoho, Nextiva, Skype, Zoom, and others.
  • After Covid-19 many businesses have to tighten their belts and cutting down on business trips is one way to save costs.
  • Until the world’s population has built up sufficient immunity to the virus, or until there is a vaccine, unnecessary business travel is best avoided to impede the spread of the virus.

I Have to Travel for business – Now What?

If travel is unavoidable we found a very helpful article on nationalgeorgraphic.com that offers handy tips and advice for those who have to travel for work.

Here is a quick look at some of the guidelines:

  • Traveling by air
    Dr. Lin H. Chen, associate professor at Harvard Medical School, assures us that if we follow the World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidelines, the risk of contracting the virus onboard an airplane is significantly reduced.
  • Avoid crowded places
    Instead of staying in the heart of the city choose places that are more remote and away from the regular tourist routes.
  • Is it safe to use Airbnb?
    Provided the accommodation is cleaned according to WHO guidelines and guests and hosts practice safe social distancing everyone will remain healthy.
  • Can I book into a Hotel?
    Hotels are forced to adhere to WHO regulations, but be sure to choose a hotel where the staff members are wearing the necessary personal protective equipment.
  • Are public restrooms safe?
    If you have to use a public facility we recommend extreme caution. Keep your distance from others. Treat every surface as if it is infected. Carry an alcohol-based surface sanitizer with you wherever you go and spray everything before you touch it. Afterwards, wash and sanitize your hands.

In conclusion

In the event that you are required to travel for business we advise that you wear your mask, wash or sanitize your hands regularly, avoid touching your face, and adhere to social distancing protocol. When you look at the situation realistically, going to the grocery store requires the same amount of care. Don’t stress too much – just do your best to keep safe.