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How can I Keep the Best Staff?


One of the issues that every business faces is staff-turnover and it’s especially difficult in the hospitality industry. “It’s lousy investing money in training someone just to have them leave after a year or two and you have to start all over again.”  Says Tony, the manager at a busy hotel.

How can you keep your staff from leaving for greener pastures? Truth be told, people have the freedom to come and go as they choose, but if they are really happy at work it will be near impossible for them to be lured anywhere else.

Here are three quick secrets to help you keep your staff happy:

  • Take the time to recognise and commend employees when they hit targets, overcome challenges, or achieve milestones.
  • Create amongst your employees a feeling of belonging. Work should feel like a home away from home.
  • Care about the person behind your employee’s job description.

Do your best to keep your staff happy and you will be rewarded when most of them remain loyal to you.

Tell us: What do you do to make your employees feel appreciated?
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