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Are You Free to Travel?


Don’t shelve your travel dreams. The world may be a changed place but that doesn’t mean your travel dreams are null and void.As countries start lifting travel restrictions you will be delighted to find exotic destinations crying out for tourists to explore. Now is the time when you will get great deals! Venues that have been standing empty for months will be vying for your attention in an effort to lure tourists back into exploring the wide world beyond their own borders.

The World Awaits YOU!

We found an awesome article in Elle.com that shares the story of Lexie Alford, a 21-year old who recently set a Guinness World Record by being the youngest person to Travel to EVERY COUNTRY! 

Lexi gives this sound advice; “My style of travel involves getting as far away from capital cities as possible to connect with the natural environment and culture in the most genuine way possible,” she says. “Over the past few years, I’ve developed an affinity for offbeat places. [These places] will be perfect for maintaining social distancing when travel opens up again, and it’s a great way to support smaller local economies.”

Three of Lexi’s favorite places included:

  • Indonesia
    It’s impossible to run out of places to visit and the island paradises make it possible to stay away from the crowds.
  • Ecuador
    Go scuba diving off Galápagos Islands among hammerhead sharks or watch seals sunning themselves in the sand.
  • Egypt
    Steeped in well-preserved history, you can explore the Pyramids, museums, and the significant Nile River.

Tell us: What is the best place you ever visited?
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