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Are You Afraid of Flying?


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced that airlines are working to help passenger overcome the fear of flying, post Covid-19. As the skies begin to reopen, research shows that the willingness to travel is being dampened by concerns over catching the Coronavirus during air travel.58% of people surveyed said that they have avoided air travel, with 33% confirming that they will continue to avoid travel in future as a way to reduce their risk.

What would make you feel safe?

If you were embarking on a journey, which prevention methods would help you feel safest? Of those who were questioned, these measures were voted for in the following order:

  • Covid-19 screening at departure airports
  • Mandatory wearing of face-masks
  • Social distancing  onboard the aircraft
  • Sanitizing and hand washing

What does IATA have to say about this?

Alexandre de Juniac, IATA director general, would like to reassure all prospective travelers.Passengers can rest assured that there are many anti-virus features built-in to the air flow system and the forward-facing seating arrangements on all aircraft aid in social distancing.

“On top of this, screening before flight and facial coverings are among the extra layers of protection that are being implemented by industry and governments on the advice of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the World Health Organisation (WHO).” Said, de Juniac. No environment is risk free, but few environments are as controlled as an aircraft cabin. To have maximum effect the measures have to be deployed globally.

Article Source: breakingtravelnews.com

Do you have any questions or comments with regard to your health and safety at airports and on airplanes? Tell us how you feel.